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The investor, either, Brazilian or foreigner who will opt for the production area in RENEWABLE ENERGY, be 
it solar or wind, surely, must have high sense of economy, or, indeed formed in the area, by such market vision and prosperity. 

Most business, whatever that activity is, should always face a free market competition in a globalized world before various government and economic barriers. However, the good news to announce is that YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE TO DO BUSINESS!

The solar power generation has grown fast, as well as has brought savings in light bills for homes and companies - but the potential in the country is far from being exploited, that's what the magazine EXAMINATION says in its publication dated of 15 March 2018. 

The largest photovoltaic solar park in Brazil is really in Bahia with a monster capacity recently inaugurated by the Italian Enel Green Power, the hyper plant in BOM JESUS DA LAPA Town. 

BRAZIL, a country of continental size, the eighth largest global economy, leading hemisphere of South America has chosen for its development by making use of big solar energy plants. 
BAHIA State is nearly to FRANCE size. 
Bahia [564.733 km²]  — France [643.801 km²].
The share of renewable energy in Brazil has increased drastically, however the total demand is over 95%. INCREDIBLE!!

Undoubtedly, It became one of the best business in Brazil. Over here, You don’t fight against competition! 


Let's look at the primary energy supply in Brazil, contemporary in highlights: 
1.0 - HYDRAULIC, corresponding to 68.1% of the energy matrix, given the fact the abundance of water
         resources and, currently, with about 196 hydroelectric plants operating in the country, between which,  
         ITAIPU, which ranks second in the world rank.

2.0 - BIOMASS through the cane sugar in the production of ETHANOL, with collaboration from 8.2% in the  
         supply of electricity.  

3.0 - WIND ENERGY, representing 7.4% of the Brazilian energy matrix. In the country are more than 6,600  
         wind turbines installed in 518 wind farms in 12 states. Only in Bahia, they have been built 100 wind   
         farms with a generating capacity of  2594.54 MW.
According to The US Trade Administration, US $ 24,5 billion will be applied in Brazil till 2020 in  
       Wind Energy,

4.0 - SOLAR ENERGY PHOTOVOLTAIC, already representing 1,5 gigawatt = 1,500 MW is the fastest growing,
         as being the Brazil of the thirty largest countries in the world in terms of installed capacity for solar
         power generation.
Solar energy has to become more competitive, day by day  So, Investors like China – Italy – U.S.A – England, etc. have been succeed. You run a business in high demand, practically with no competition!

The Northeast, where is BAHIA located, the region that has higher values ​​of solar irradiation. The climate  has lower annual variability and higher annual average. Therefore, it is the region with the best conditions for solar power generation.

BAHIA State bas been the national leader in building SOLAR PARKS  and WIND POWERS, in gigantic sizes and hyper dimension, which already exceeds the order of US $ 2 billion investments in the energy sector.
Remember that does not stop there. It continues to advance!

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