The investor, either, Brazilian or foreigner who will opt for the production area in RENEWABLE ENERGY, be 
it solar or wind, surely, must have high sense of economy, or, indeed formed in the area, by such 
market vision and prosperity.

Most business, whatever that activity is, should always face the market competition in a globalized world, and ready to face various government and economic barriers. However, the good news to announce is that YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE TO MAKE BUSINESS AND SUCCEED!

The solar power generation grows and brings savings in light homes and businesses account - but the potential in the country is far from being exploited, that's what found the magazine EXAMINATION,  in its publication dated of 15 March 2018. 

The largest photovoltaic solar park in Brazil is in Bahia. With total installed capacity of 158 MW were recently inaugurated by the Italian Enel Green Power, the big plants in BOM JESUS DA LAPA Town (80 MW) and also LAPA Town (78 MW). 

BRAZIL, a country of continental size, the eighth largest economy, leading hemisphere of South America, has chosen for its development by making use of arrays in RENEWABLE ENERGY. The share of renewable energy in Brazil totaled 81.7%, while the global rate is just over 20%. 

The Northeast, where it has BAHIA, is the region that has higher values ​​of solar irradiation. The climate conditions in the region have lower annual variability and higher annual average. Therefore, it is the region with the best conditions for solar power generation.

BAHIA, a national leader in building BIG SOLAR PARKS AND WIND POWER, has exceeded the order of $ 1.5 billion in investments in the energy sector. It does not stop there.

And continues growing!

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