The specialized BRAZIL LANDS team also develop a legal work focused on property documentation analysis during the PURCHASE phase which are involved: owner - heirs - succession chains and government   paperwork.  Also IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources) requirements, as well as the Brazilian Forest  code must be in conjunction  with the Project.

Regarding to the energy production chain thru SOLAR PLANT PHOTOVOLTAIC and/or WIND POWER will result in ENERGY PRODUCTION under the coordination and supervision of ANEEL (National Electric Energy Agency).

Join to these, Appraisers and Realtors prospecting research markets for hunting Good Opportunities to feel a sense of justice, loyalty, honesty and discretion contributing for the realization of PROJECT’S INVESTOR.

The prospecting ideal area to set up a modest Project to be succeed, should be necessary to get, at least, 200 hectares  of  plain lands for excellent solar exposure and resulting more energy production. 

Another aspect for INVESTMENT PROJECT would be proposed to be considered: 
A) - Acquisition of RURAL ESTATE PROPERTY through PURCHASE; 
B) - Acquisition of RURAL ESTATE PROPERTY through LEASING (depending on opportunities to be found).

For both operating modes of Projects, BRAZIL LANDS assures to work with the same tenacity and dedication to full service about DOCUMENTATION AND PAPERWORK.

A good choice and success, would be Lands available close to access roads, aggregate home, Concessionaire towers electricity for lighting. That’s the crucial point, seeing that, all energy production of the Solar Plant PV or Wind Power should be attached to the Concessionaire system for free, to be sold to anybody or companies in a regular process.   





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