Available Lands

Available Lands                                                                                                                                                                  

BRAZIL LANDS is a 'working tool map' focused on real estate activity, and more specifically, to the SUPPORT  INVESTOR and / or ENTREPRENEUR whether Brazilian or foreign wishing to explore the activity of ENERGY SOLAR PRODUCTION and WIND POWER in BRAZIL. 

The State of Bahia, whose capital SALVADOR, stands out among the 27 federal states, for its vast land area, standing in the South of the Northeast, with 567,295 km², being slightly larger than  FRANCE.  Population 15,500 million and different tropical climates. 

We're talking in addition to such areas geographically located in plain Regions, named SAVANNA that fits fully to such PROJECTS.

Because of its low altitude,  the tropical climate  prevails in special areas high temperatures, with the presence of CAATINGA dubbed SAVANNA under constant daily exposure to hot Sun at 35 Celsius degree.

Most important, however, to the objectives which we set ourselves, it would be the ideal geographical condition formed PLAINS or plateaus served by roads, and finally extensive territorial tracks or farms,
with areas from 200 ha, and appropriate profile PLANTS PROJECTS SOLAR AND WIND.

                                                                 RURAL MEASUREMENT:   

01 acre (ac)  = 4046.86 m2  =   01 hectare (ha) = 10.000 m²

meter (m)  /  acre (ac)  /   hectare (ha)  /  alqueire (alq.) = not used in US

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