What are the advantages?


An entrepreneur
 would never be happy keeping his Money sitting in a checking account for not become a "dead cash"!

Why not invest in a secured business that can generate profit rates, at least, 20% per month / 240% per annum, besides the new value of the property. 

I'm talking about the construction of a Solar Photovoltaic Energy.  "SKY'S THE LIMIT"! 


Brazil is Latin America’s largest renewable energy market. Its commitment to renewable energy is still strong and continued investment is expected in wind and solar capacity growth. Solar PV Energy is growing quickly and  is the most in demand  due to lower investment.  

Economists admit that Brazil faces a deficit of nearly 24% in electric power. However, its production of electricity, altogether, nearly 76 %  comes from different renewable resources, like hydropower, biomass, wind power and solar PV energy. We can highlight that hydropower responds by two third of all production.represented  by energy capacity. of large dams, including ITAIPU, the 2nd of the World, that account for nearly 80% of Brazil’s total energy capacity.

Wind power in Brazil is nearly 9 gigawatts (GW) of installed capacity, corresponding 8.3 % of the energy matrix. It should continue to grow day by day in a fast pace;


01Today, SOLAR POWER accounts for only 2% of Brazil’s energy matrix, nearly to 1.5 GW.
     We have a restrained demand of 98% yet. INCREDIBLE! 

02. Land available sold at cheap price, starting from US $700.00 - 900,00 per hectare. For example, a Farm of 500,00
     hectare for rouphly US $400,000.00 (MINIMUM SIZE); It all depends on the improvements made;. 

03. Over here, there are dozens of private Banks to finance your Project, as well as BNDES (The National Bank for
     Economic and Social Development) with lower rate and long-term financing to that kind of Project;  

04. Your goods is a real commodity. All your energy production will feed into the State Concessionary power, named
     COELBA thru Hydropower generation which distributes all electricity all over the State of Bahia;.

05. All your energy production (KW) will be totally consumed and sold at stock market..You'll shouldn't care about

06. You'll never spend money with media, marketing and advertising to sell your product.

The purchase of Land / Property must suit completely to your project, regarding size - land's geography (flat terrain);

02. Search for Brazilian fiscal law, tax law (or care of the professional accountant);

03. An effective management to reap the benefits of the market.


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